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Salon Monzer

348 Lakeshore Rd. E
Oakville, ON, Canada L6J 1J6

Call for store hours of operation or visit our website.

(905) 842-7222


The path to beauty and wellness is achieved by balance and intention.
Your hair defines your look, no matter what you wear. It’s one of the most important elements of personal beauty and confidence, and one that you can take control of at Salon Monzer. We have enjoyed being a part of the Downtown Oakville Neighbourhood since 2004. Our gratitude lies with the loyalty and support of our wonderful clients and community.Our attentive and experienced Salon Monzer hair team listen to your ideas and concerns and will provide you with recommendations and tips for styling and caring for your hair.
Ideally, we want to give you a style that not only shows off your personality and makes you feel great every time you look in the mirror, but also one that is manageable and fun for you to work with daily.

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