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5 tips for easy parking in Downtown Oakville

Whether you’re just visiting for the first time or an Oakville resident, these are the top 5 parking tips to help make your next trip as easy as a Black Forest baked pie.

1. Use the Interactive Parking Map

Check out the Town's NEW real-time map it's quite simply the best way to spy available parking spots Downtown. Visit this interactive Google Map to see vacant spots within the Downtown District, using the zoom in and out features to check for availability by street and lot locations. There is even a legend for Quick Stop Parking, Accessible Parking, Electric Charge Parking and Permit Parking.

2. Digital Signage

As you enter Downtown keep your eye out for our road side digital parking signs showing real-time information on availability. Signs are located at Lakeshore Road near Navy Street heading into the downtown core with another on Trafalgar Road which direct to available parking and show the total number of free spaces on each street.

3. Parking garages plus hidden spots and lots

Did you know that Downtown Oakville is home to multiple parking garages? The Precise Parking Garage is located on Robinson in Towne Square. There is also the Impark Lot, located at 277 Lakeshore Road East. This clean and secure underground parking facility is located at the RBC Financial Group building on the west corner of Lakeshore Road East and Trafalgar Road.

Another consideration when parking is to use parking lots that a little off the beaten path. For example lot 10, behind the public library, is just a short staircase to the corner of Lakeshore and Navy. There is also plenty of metre parking and additional lots that are often vacant in this area.

4. Use the Honk Mobile App

Pay with your phone using the Honk Mobile app with quick and easy payment options. Using the App, drivers can store unlimited vehicles & payment methods, manage receipts, access parking history & get help all from the palm of their hands. Consider downloading the app in advance so you are ready when you arrive.

5. Know the Rules

The trick to avoiding parking tickets is planning ahead. When parking on the street, be sure to read parking signs and confirm you’re paying to park during the enforced times, including overnight. This should save you a little extra change in your wallet and a lot less frustration once you park. For clarity Downtown Oakville parking rules are as follows:

  • Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Parking is free Sunday, on holidays and after 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday

  • Overnight parking is free to park at downtown core municipal parking lots between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. but if a visitor requires parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. they must purchase a one-night pass through Honk Mobile or a 30-night pass through the town’s online services

  • Parking meters and pay and display machines will be found on-street

  • Parking lots have pay-by-plate machines which require the entry of your license plate during the payment process

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