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Aprés Actif | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Looking for the hottest new trends in Luxe lounge & activewear essentials? Downtown Oakville's trendy new (online at Aprés Actif offers just that - a minimalist lifestyle apparel brand inspired by ski + snowboard culture. Founded in 2019 by Lauren Kurtz — Après Actif started as the pursuit of a better state of mind. "We push ourselves out of our comfort zones and celebrate the small wins on a daily basis, essentially chasing the after-sport endorphin rush to experience the Après lifestyle." At Après Actif, they strive to create minimalist apparel that can weather many seasons, but more importantly their mission is to inspire the community to do just the same. Lauren's office is located at 295 Robinson Street, part of our amazing ACE Coworking group, and currently her collections can be found online.

About Aprés Actif

Luxe lounge and active essentials inspired by ski culture. Designed in Canada by Lauren Kurtz.

How and why did your decide to pursue your business?

I grew up ski racing in Collingwood and always adored Aprés Ski fashion. Prior to starting Aprés Actif, I often found myself wandering over to the men's section for ski and snowboard apparel. The men's collections always had more muted tones and were more monochromatic than the women's lines, that's where the idea was born. I decided I was going to create something more gender-neutral, perhaps even a little more masculine, with a level of detail that exceeded expectations.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

As an entrepreneur, being able to combine my passion for fitness, fashion, and design has been incredibly fulfilling.

What do LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

From day to night, downtown Oakville is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. The ideal mix of chic and cozy fashion, delicious food, and group fitness.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.

As a dual citizen of Canada and the EU, I pull a lot of inspiration from my time spent in Europe. Aprés apparel is Scandinavian-inspired with clean lines and neutral colour palettes.


The Aprés Actif office is located at 295 Robinson Street (part of ACE Coworking). To shop or for more contact information, please visit their website, facebook, or Instagram.

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