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Bluboho Gift Guide for Graduation

Our friends at Blubloho are making Graduation gifting a cinch this year with a selection of fine gold jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Super Nova Necklace

Retail: $898

We created this necklace for those bound for greatness. A supernova is triggered when the trapped energy in a star ignites and bursts into light. With a luminosity one billion times that of the sun, supernovas represent all that is possible when we ignite the true potential of the soul and burn our very brightest.

Crescent Sway Necklace

Retail: $498

The word “crescent” comes from the Latin term ceres meaning to “bring forth, create, or thrive.” The crescent moon in this beauty represents all the promises that come with a new phase in our lives.

Little Wildflower Earrings

Retail: $296

We believe our little wildflower earring stud makes the perfect gift to mark someone’s personal growth or a special achievement, given the strength and creativity that wildflowers represent in the natural world.

Honey Bee Ring

Retail: $398

A vital lifeline in our ecosystem, bees are known for their work ethic, loyalty and wandering souls.

Embrace Branch Ring

Retail: $398

Like a mother nurturing life, trees embrace us with patience, teaching us to bend to the forces beyond our control while remaining un-compromised in our fortitude. The embrace stacking ring honours our capacity for personal growth.

To view a full selection of graduation gift ideas visit the Blubloho gift guide.

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