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Chocolato & Tommy Café | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Downtown Oakville, actually ALL of Oakville, be prepared for some yummy goodness!  Introducing… Chocolato + Tommy Café; a chocolate factory, frozen dairy bar and café that fulfils your indulgences for all-things-yummy.  Catering to both sweet and savoury cravings, Chocolato + Tommy Café offer an unparalleled experience that the people of Oakville will want in every season. Dipped soft serve ice cream, hot chocolate, waffles, dessert pizza, specialty coffee, and baked goods are just some of the items offered. Oh, and don’t forget Tommy Cafe’s popular menu item, avocado toast, which is perfect for any hour of the day!

Coming from many generations of successful businessmen in the hospitality industry – his grandfather, father and uncle – Kazi Shams knew from a very young age that business was his calling! Growing up, many dinner table conversations centred around business. A regular topic of discussion was the importance of taking care of people (staff and customers alike), and how respect, good character, and authenticity are all an integral part of any successful business. “These are the qualities that resonate with people, and they demonstrate that you genuinely care. In business, you get as much out of the team as you put in. And our goal is to put in A LOT. Just as we do with service to our customers, we mirror with our amazing sales and customer service team. I care about my business, but I truly care about the PEOPLE in my business. And the community feels that. The service our team provides creates excitement and that energy is infectious.”

Over the years, Kazi has explored many different business models and concepts, and when Chocolato & Tommy Café both resonated with him he decided to take it to the next level. They are both independent franchises. Chocolato currently has 22 locations and Tommy Café has 3 locations, all in Quebec. Kazi decided to blend the two franchises that brilliantly complement each other. “It becomes a much bigger business portfolio for two very quickly growing franchises; a coffee and dessert mix, from morning to evening.” It doesn’t matter what time of day, they’ve got you covered!

Both brands boast a relaxed environment, have an upscale vibe and are in the business of making clients Happy (yes, with a capital H!). “It’s about bringing family and friends together. It doesn’t matter how you feel when you enter our doors, the atmosphere while you are here will make you smile.”

The best part is, this first-ever co-branded location is being offered exclusively in Downtown Oakville! “It’s not just a business location, it’s so much more. Downtown Oakville’s small business community has so many unique shops that offer the same thing as we aspire to offer; a high level of quality with a high quality of service expectation too. This is a perfect area to always rise above and improve. People are curious about what’s happening in the community. I’ve never seen a community so plugged in! If a stop sign falls, everyone knows! I love that it’s a place that everyone can work, live, visit, and fully experience.” More importantly, he feels the business community works collaboratively to make Downtown Oakville a shopping and leisure destination of choice, and that is a key ingredient to building any brand.

Chocolato & Tommy Café officially opened on January 16! It is located at 236 Lakeshore Road East. You can also visit their website at or check them out on their Instagram @oakville.chocolato.

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