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Downtown Oakville Celebrated with "Best Downtown Area Award" at the 29th Annual Communities in Bloom

The heart of Oakville has achieved a prestigious accolade. On September 30th, at the Communities in Bloom (CiB) National & International Awards held in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Downtown Oakville was honoured with the Best Downtown Area Award, distinguishing itself amongst participating municipalities from Canada, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, and South Korea.

Communities in Bloom, renowned for its volunteer-driven and partnership-centric approach, utilizes a competitive evaluation process aimed at fostering community involvement, strength, and constant enhancement. The organization champions environmental sustainability, green space enrichment, and heritage conservation. These efforts are geared towards augmenting the essence of municipal, residential, commercial, and institutional spaces, making cities and towns more inviting and vibrant.

Susan Ellis, National Chairperson of Communities in Bloom, extolled the collective strength of communities, especially highlighting the resolute spirit shown during challenging times. She mentioned, "The past years have thrown at us unprecedented challenges like the global pandemic and extreme weather events. Yet, we've shown remarkable tenacity and resilience. 2023 is a testament to our communities' drive to make their regions healthier, more sustainable, and thriving."

Adrienne Gordon, Executive Director of the Downtown Business Improvement Area, expressed her elation, stating, "This award is a reflection of the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of our community. We're incredibly proud of what Downtown Oakville represents - a perfect blend of heritage, vibrant spaces, innovative businesses and forward-thinking sustainability initiatives. This recognition motivates us further to enhance our beloved downtown."

Downtown Oakville's recognition with the Best Downtown Area Award is not just a testimony to its beauty but a testament to the hard work, community spirit, and sustainable practices that the community has upheld.

Communities in Bloom, with its motto "Growing Great Places Together", has indeed united us in purpose, and Downtown Oakville is proud to be a part of this movement towards a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

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