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Eleven and Company | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Walking into Sola Salons is like walking into a family home.  And it’s the exact same feeling walking into the Eleven and Company studio.  As many of their clients say, it’s like walking into your best friend’s house or it’s like being on the cast of the classic sitcom, Friends.   Wearing a mask prevents us from seeing someone’s full face, but with the crinkles at the corners of their eyes, I could tell Elise and Neveen had a smile from ear-to-ear.

These 2 very talented women started their journey 11 years ago while working together at a salon right here in downtown Oakville. From then on, they were inseparable; sharing their love of hair cutting and styling more than ever before.

As a young girl, Neveen always wanted to go with her mom to the hair salon.   She loved the connections that everyone shared and the fun conversations.  Today, she mirrors this same atmosphere in her studio.  Neveen keeps it honest and always puts her guest’s priorities first.  She adds a level of wit to the conversation and creates an easy going vibe so you can sit back and get comfortable while enjoying the salon experience.

Elise has always loved unleashing her creativity.  Styling hair gives her the creative freedom to help other people become the best version of themselves.  She has a wonderful personality that brightens up the room when she walks in.  If you’re talking, she’s listening, which usually results in happy guests and knockout looks.  She loves the idea of transforming a guest and knows she has accomplished just that when she sees a huge smile on their face, and, the after-effect confidence boost.

Neveen and Elise both attended the Aveda Academy and have undergone extensive training in both Toronto and New York.  Neveen and Elise have successfully created a salon that harmonizes between nature and beauty.  Their salon uses peta accredited products that are created and designed by stylists for stylists to ensure the highest quality results. Neveen and Elise use predominantly vegan products wherever possible, without compromising quality. They also work with GreenCircle Salons to recycle 95% of the salon waste, saving it from ending up in landfills.

If you haven’t already guessed, the name “Eleven” represents Neveen and Elise, together!  Starting their own business has given them the freedom to live out their professional vision.  “Being our own boss gives us the ability to define our business by all the things WE believe in: creative freedom, integrity, great customer service, transparency, environmental responsibility, healthy hair and, of course, offering best-of-the-best coffee.  Sometimes we think our clients only come in for the coffee!  But, most importantly, we love that we can make our guests look and feel great about themselves (#feelgoodhair)”.

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