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Fall Fashion: Downtown Oakville's Top Trends for 2023

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

As we say goodbye to summer styles, which are starting to feel outdated, the fall fashion trends of 2023 are here, bringing new and refreshing finds. These trends offer a variety of looks, each displaying its own touch of autumn elegance and flair.

Ruby Radiance

Consult a design expert and the consensus is clear: Red reigns supreme in Fall 2023. Veering away from the expected subdued autumnal shades, red stands audacious and captivating, effortlessly taking centre stage in any setting or social media platform. This season, choose your desired shade—going monochrome is the quickest route to a memorable fashion statement.

Featured: Ruby Single Button Red Blazer | $140.00 | Boa Boutique at 125 Lakeshore Road East

Sweater Season

It might seem like a well-known fact, but autumn is undeniably the time to flaunt that sweater. Brands have displayed perfectly tailored oversized knits paired with comfy staples such as leggings and snug scarves. If you've been waiting for a sign to expand your sweater repertoire, consider this your cue.

Featured: Benson Chester Fair Crew Knit in white and blue. 80% wool and 20% Polymide | 225$ | Burrows Too at 287 Lakeshore Rd E,

Professional Panache

Featured (in order) Taped Pouf Sleeve Blazer | $725 | Andrews Oakville | 283 Lakeshore Road E.

Athletic Fit Stretch Suit in Heathered Navy | $550 | State and Liberty | 181 Lakeshore Road E.

Mandy Onyx Women's Shoe| $595.00 CAD | Ron White Shoes | 189 Lakeshore Road E.

Whether you're clocking into an office or not, this season will inspire you to don professional attire. Fall vibes resonate with a hint of the ’80s business flair. If you're feeling it, shoulder pads might be your go-to. Chances are, you already have the essentials. Yet, adding a fresh blazer or seasonal shoes could be the zest you need.

Collarbone Chic

Featured: Christine Ertè Velvet Collection: Left to right – Silk charmeuse and Ertè lace retro-style slip, $479; Paired with silk velvet print kimono, $654; Silk velvet print full-length ballet-style slip, $599 | Linea Intima | 196 Lakeshore Road E.

Elegant, alluring, and unexpectedly adaptable, designs that bare the shoulder are marking their stylish return. Dare to flaunt a bit of collarbone this autumn, and if it gets a tad chilly, drape a scarf for warmth.

Peplum's Second Act

While 'peplum' might stir memories from yesteryears, its silhouette has gracefully resurfaced. As the fashion world’s gaze shifts from Y2K nostalgia to the 2010s, peplum designs receive a modern revamp.

Featured: Le Jean Luella Peplum Denim Jacket | $298 | Anthropologie | 159 Lakeshore Road East

Midnight Blends

Traditional fashion wisdom might caution against merging navy with black. Yet, some of this fall's standout styles blend the duo seamlessly. The lesson? Trust your fashion instincts, and feel empowered to rewrite the rules.

Featured: Rag & Bone Alex Blazer | $660 | Andrews |

Simplistic Elegance

The beauty often lies in the basics—a flawless T-shirt, crisp button-down, sharp blazer, or tailored trousers. What's the message? At times, elegance stems from donning a refined yet understated outfit that oozes sophistication.

Featured: Giselle Blazer | $179.00 | Homebody Studio | 76 Lakeshore Rd E

Canvas Couture

Art-inspired prints graced numerous catwalks this season. Fashion is evidently embracing the artistic spirit—immerse yourself in it by opting for these picturesque pieces.

Featured:(in order) Splatter Raincoat Fabric : Hand painted waterproof Burlap Made in Canada with love Price : $599 | Anu Raina

Modal & Cashmere Scarf- Autumn Montage - Made in Italy $285 | Barrington's | 209 Lakeshore Rd. E

Donia Print Shirt by Vilagalo |$195 | Tocca Finita | 315 Lakeshore Road East

Mystic Allure

As the nights stretch, it might be the moment to channel your inner enchantress. Elements like crimson ribbons, darkly romantic styles, and delicate corsetry capture the essence of gothic elegance. You don't have to go full throttle; subtle additions of lace, ribbons, and bold collars should do the trick

Featured: RK Boutique | Laurel Dress | 189.99 | 300 Lakeshore Road East Unit #5


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