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Hot Yoga and Pilates | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

For those looking to add a little heat to their exercise routine, check out Downtown Oakville’s newest fitness studio, Hot Yoga and Pilates.

Classes include hot Hatha and Vinyasa flows; high-energy HIIT Pilates classes that combine cardio with Pilates to shape and tone while also getting your heart rate up; and candlelit Yin Yoga classes that provide deep stretching and relaxation. Classes are offered in a room heated up to 40 degrees, providing the added benefits of warming the muscles, increasing circulation, and detoxifying through sweat.

Oakville Fitness Classes

As Mike’s pain subsided and Lisa’s symptoms began to disappear, they saw first-hand the benefits of a regular yoga practice. “We loved the post-class bliss, the energy we had after each session, and the many benefits each class left us with,” says Lisa.

Transitioning from practitioners to business owners was a natural progression. “We wanted to share yoga’s natural healing abilities with others. We couldn’t help but think, ‘imagine how good everyone would feel if they did this every day!’” Mike recalls.

The two left their corporate jobs to attend a nine-week yoga teacher training course in California and opened their first studio in Mississauga in 2010. Nearly a decade later, they decided to open a second studio in Downtown Oakville.

“There’s a charm and beauty to the area that has always attracted us,” says Lisa. They were looking to move to the area when they came across a commercial listing for the second floor unit at 178 Lakeshore Road East by chance. With its floor-to-ceiling French doors offering lots of natural light and views of the streetscape below, they instantly fell in love with the space. “We felt like it was meant to be!”

Even with these protocols in place, Lisa and Mike have created a warm and relaxing environment perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Says Mike: “Anyone visiting our new studio for the first time can expect a warm greeting, an incredible fitness experience taught by a qualified instructor, and a great sweat. The studio space will take your breath away. It’s a truly unique experience you will love and benefit tremendously from!”

Experience it for yourself! From now until September 7th, enjoy a complimentary class at Hot Yoga & Pilates’ Oakville studio. Simply download the Hot Yoga and Pilates app, “buy” a single class drop in and use promo code “freefirstclass” at checkout! Email with any questions.

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