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Lakeshore Road Revitalization Project Update July 22-July 27

Below is the latest weekly update from the Town of Oakville on the Lakeshore Road Revitalization Project.

What to expect this week:

  1. Crew to resume installing storm sewer main line between Navy and Thomas Streets.

  2. Crew to continue with installation of new water valve chamber on George Street.

  3. Electrical crew to resume installing wiring, brackets and light heads on Lakeshore Road between Thomas and Dunn Streets.

What you will see on site:

  1. Navy Street between Lakeshore Road and Church Street will remain closed. The closure has been extended to July 31. The entrance to the art gallery will be accessible from Church Street (local access only). Vehicle traffic will continue to be maintained travelling eastbound on Lakeshore Road turning south on Navy Street; travelling northbound on Navy Street turning west on Lakeshore Road; and travelling southbound on Navy Street turning east on Church Street.

  2. Water main and storm sewer crew expected to work this Saturday, July 27 (weather dependent) to maintain work schedule. 2 ambassadors will also be onsite Saturday to assist pedestrians.

  3. Crew to resume saw-cutting, trench excavating and installing the new storm sewer main line on Lakeshore Road between Navy and Thomas Streets. This operation will involve an excavator and trucks.

  4. Crew to continue saw-cutting and installing the water valve chamber on George Street. This operation will involve an excavator and trucks.

  5. Electrical work between Thomas and Dunn Streets will include a zoom boom truck and a crane.

Construction updates are also available on the Town of Oakville website at:

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