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Leela Eco Spa - Oakville | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Looking for an unforgettable spa day experience every time you visit?! Well, Downtown Oakville's trendiest new spa, Leela Eco Spa, is the place to be! Meet Ish Lamba and Gaurav Gupta, co-owners of this tranquil new eco spa located right in the heart of Downtown, in Towne Square (210 Lakeshore Rd E, Unit 1).

About Leela Eco Spa - Oakville

Leela Eco Spa is a leader in the wellness industry. We are a fun, modern spa that provides outstanding customer service. We promise to provide an unforgettable experience to our clients every time! Leela offers services in massage, esthetics, acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy treatments. What sets Leela apart is that we are an environmentally and socially conscious organization. We care about our society, and only use products that are eco-friendly and cruelty free! We also firmly believe in encouraging and partnering with local businesses. So come by and experience a new level of spa experience in the heart of Oakville!

How and why did your decide to pursue your business?

We were looking to start up a business that aligned with our values of sustainability, eco friendly and helping people. Hence, we thought what better industry than the wellness industry? When we saw the previous owners of Leela Eco Spa were looking to sell, we quickly jumped on board and took over. Leela perfectly matched with our values and we put all our passion into growing Leela to help it become what it is today.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

We are most passionate about making a difference in people's lives. When clients come to Leela for treatments and we hear about how our massages have made a difference in their quality of life, we feel truly blessed and grateful to have helped in that. There are clients who say that the acupuncture helped them through their pregnancy or that the chiropractic treatments have erased their back pain, this is when we know that we made a difference. It motivates us to provide even better quality services and care. Another aspect Leela is passionate about is our commitment to our staff. We offer wages that are on par or above industry standards. We want to build long term relationships with our staff and try to ensure that they are well taken care of to the best of our abilities.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

Downtown Oakville has a very welcoming charm. It makes you want to stroll the streets at leisure, walk into the boutique shops and enjoy a breakfast or coffee while relaxing on the red Muskoka chairs at Towne Square. We can spend a good couple of hours here with family or walk by the lake on a nice day.


Leela Eco Spa is located right in the heart of the Downtown, in Towne Square (210 Lakeshore Rd E, Unit 1). For more contact information, please visit their website at

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