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Lozynsky CPA | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Whether you are a business owner or need help with your personal finances - your relationship with your accountant is one of the most important financial relationships you will have. Meet Yuriy Lozynsky, Founder & President of one of Downtown Oakville's newest boutique accounting firms. Yuriy's services range from Tax Planning for business owners, Purchase & Sale of a Business and Business Incorporation & Registration to Financial Statements, Bookkeeping and Payroll...and more! Yuriy's office is part of the fantastic ACE Coworking group and is located at 295 Robinson Street (in Suite 100).

About Lozynsky CPA

Lozynsky CPA is a boutique accounting firm specializing in full-service accounting packages tailored to the specific needs of small businesses and independent professionals. We help business owners gain holistic insights into their numbers so they can focus on growing their business.

How and why did you decide to pursue your business?

I spent years working in traditional accounting firms when I first started my career in finance. I particularly loved working with passionate and driven entrepreneurs. However, my firm clients were often moved around from one accountant to another and I never got the chance to build long-standing relationships and see real impact in their business. I realized that helping entrepreneurs reach their goals was a big driver for me. I made the switch in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic and haven't looked back.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

As a recent business owner myself, I love working closely with other entrepreneurs, understanding their goals, and helping them gain clarity and control over the financial side of their business. There is also a really great moment in the process, where the day to day tracking and filing is under control - there is a kind of a sigh of relief. And the next thing you know we find ourselves talking about bigger things - plans on how to save tax, grow the business, upgrade internal processes. That's very rewarding - when the business owner's mind is freed from the anxiety of financial administration and they feel empowered to start looking at the bigger picture.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

My family and I have lived in so many different areas of the GTA in the last decade and we were never able to find the community and lifestyle we were craving. When we discovered Oakville we were hooked and made the trip from Toronto almost every weekend. This year we were finally able to make the move and I must say it feels like home. Downtown Oakville has that combination of European lifestyle and tight community that I was looking for. So thrilled to be part of this special corner of Ontario.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.

Prior to earning my CPA and becoming a tax advisor, I used to teach and research at the university level. I hold a PhD in Classical Studies and have taught at universities across Ontario. Fun fact: I can read ancient Greek and Latin (and a few other languages).


Lozynsky CPA is part of the ACE Coworking group and is located at 295 Robinson Street (in Suite 100). For more contact information, please visit their website or email

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