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Nuda | Welcome to the Neighborhood

If you thought Nuda was simply another jewellery store, think again.

Step inside and you’ll find yourself in a tranquil space where you can not only browse fine jewellery and local art, but where you can also discover natural wellness products like homeopathic remedies, crystals, hand-woven Turkish bathrobes, natural skin and hair care products, rose water and more.

Owner Secil Nuri has always been a proponent of natural products and remedies. In fact, many know her as the Secil of Cecile’s Homeopathy, which used to operate on Church Street.

Secil was first introduced to homeopathy more than 10 years ago when travelling in London. “I had a bad allergic reaction and couldn’t find anything to give me relief,” she recalls. She met a homeopath who gave her Apis Mellifica, a remedy used to treat allergic reactions. “All of my symptoms were gone within 15 minutes. It amazed me.”

Homeopathy is the treatment of a condition by prescribing highly diluted doses of natural substances that would cause the condition in a healthy person. “Homeopathy is safe for everyone, for every condition. There are no side effects,” Secil explains. “It’s an opportunity to heal yourself. Everybody has the ability to heal themselves; homeopathy just gives your body the little spark it needs.”

Late last year, she moved her practice to 174 Lakeshore Road East and added a retail store that sells exclusive jewellery collections from Paris, Istanbul and New York. Pieces are available at a variety of price points and in a range of styles, from delicate pieces in gold and silver, to chunky pieces in brightly coloured gemstones. “Everyone can find something here,” says Secil.

From her homeopathy practice on Church Street to her new location on Lakeshore Road, Secil has a strong connection to Downtown Oakville and hopes her store will become a hub for the community. “I love Downtown Oakville,” she says. “I love the history, the small-town feel and being familiar with people’s faces. People I’ve never met before are already starting to become familiar with me and my store – it’s exciting!”

Discover Nuda’s many products by visiting them at 174 Lakeshore Road East, or visit their website

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