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Odera Construction Group | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Ready for a home or office upgrade? Look no further than Downtown Oakville's newest experts in commercial and residential construction, Odera Construction Group. This experienced team not only strives for spectacular final results, but they also aim to make the process an enjoyable one along the way. Odera is ready to create your dream space with their up-to-date knowledge on all-things-construction. Next time you head Downtown,. welcome Selman and the rest of the Odera team in their new location at 295 Robinson Street (ACE Coworking).

About Odera Construction Group

Odera Construction Group is a mindful construction company that specializes in helping clients plan, design and construct commercial and residential properties.

Working with only the most skilled trade partners, suppliers and consultants, the Odera Team is committed to building high-quality construction projects while using the latest technologies and best building practices to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

How and why did you decide to pursue your business?

Odera Construction was founded by Selman Nasir, an industry professional with nearly two decades of experience in the high-end residential, commercial and institutional construction industries.

Selman worked at top construction management and design firms throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Over time, he began to realize that the industry was plagued with issues that were costing clients opportunities, and leading to undesirable project outcomes. In his experience, many projects and client relationships were poorly handled, with project schedules and budgets often taking the toll. Project Managers often lacked attention to detail. Design-driven approaches were largely absent. It increasingly became clear that there was a need in the market for a company to contribute to filling these gaps.

Selman and his team are working to bring about change in an industry that's been largely resistant to progressive and meaningful innovation with the ultimate goal of ensuring clients have a better build and renovation experience, and enjoy exceptional outcomes.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

That's an easy one - working with clients and partners who share our vision for exceptional design, development, and meticulous construction management processes. The results of these construction projects speak for themselves in their beautiful outcomes.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

What's not to love about Downtown Oakville?! Our team's favourite places to eat, grab coffee, meet with friends and spend time with family are all in Downtown Oakville. We particularly enjoy the beautiful lakefront and all of the history, including Selman's personal history of being born and raised here in Oakville and raising his family in this beautiful hometown.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others

Selman has a passion for classic cars and vintage motorcycles. If you ever find yourself pulled up next to Selman at a traffic light, you will likely also hear his eclectic taste in music - he seems to find the gems in every genre!


Odera Construction Group is located at 295 Robinson Street. For more information,

please visit their Instagram, Facebook, or website .

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