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Pink Month at Linea Intima

As part of their mission to help in the fight against breast cancer, Linea Intima is continuing their “GIVE A LIFT, GET A LIFT” campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of October, customers are encouraged to go through their lingerie drawers and donate any bras that no longer fit or bring them joy.

Please wash them and bring them to Linea Intima at 196 Lakeshore Road East. In exchange, Linea Intima will:

  1. Donate your gently used bras to a women’s shelter

  2. Give you $5 off for every regular priced bra purchased

  3. Make a donation to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada

In addition to this campaign, Linea Intima regularly supports breast cancer patients and survivors with specialized mastectomy fittings and services. Click here to learn more about these services, as well as helpful tips from Linea Intima founder Liliana Mann.

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