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RUFF THE DOG BARBERSHOP | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Meet Jeanine, the proud owner of Downtown Oakville's trendiest new pet grooming salon! At RUFF, they don’t operate like your average grooming salon. From the moment you step inside their doors to the moment your dog struts out, their experience (and yours!) is a cut above.

About RUFF

Every dog is different. A dog's groom should not only showcase their breed quality traits, but also their personality that sets them apart from the rest of the pack at the dog park. At RUFF, it's our goal to provide your pup with a professional hand-scissor groom within a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. We offer 1-on-1, appointment-based grooming in a cage-free environment. Our staff is 100% certified to provide a safe and comfortable space for your pooches!

How and why did your decide to pursue your business?

Hi, I'm Jeanine! From as far back as I can remember I've been grooming dogs. I was the kid who inspected and instinctively cleaned every dog's ears and eyes, while all the other kids were preoccupied with belly rubs and wet-nosed kisses. I was the 'unofficial' nail cutter of every dog in the neighbourhood, and I loved it! I've always had a great love for dogs, so when I had the unfortunate experience of having both of my own dogs become severely ill only months apart, I discovered that not a single grooming salon was able to ensure their safety. I was warned by my vet to keep them away from other dogs and that even the slightest touch could have disastrous results on their health and safety. I wasn't willing to take any chances with my fur babies! With each passing day however, my two poodle mixes were starting to resemble sheep ready to be sheared for wool. I needed a solution...and fast! This is what motivated me to turn my life-long hobby into something more. I read every ounce of grooming content I could get my hands on and watched every grooming tutorial video I could find. After a few dozen unfortunately hideous grooms on my own dogs (they were good sports) I got the hang of it! When my independent learning had reached a plateau, I decided to fine tune my skills training under one of the top groomers in the world. Soon enough, I found my own style and turned my deepest passion into my beloved career. 'The Vegan Groomer' was born!

What are you most passionate about in your business?

When I began my grooming journey, I vowed to become the groomer that I couldn't find for my sick dogs. I am proud to say that I have designed RUFF to be everything that the grooming industry is missing and in dire need of. A place where you feel safe to leave your dog. A place that is calm and stress free. A place with highly educated staff in the field. A place where not only your dog is happy but also comes out looking amazing!

What do LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

Where do I begin! I began my grooming career in Vaughan and would have never thought of leaving. When I began looking for locations for RUFF to call home, I looked at dozens and dozens of locations all across Vaughan. Nothing felt right. Something drew me to Oakville, though I was hesitant because I knew it would be difficult having to start from scratch with a new business in a different location. However, as I walked the streets of DT Oakville I fell in love. What's not to fall in love with?!! The variety and uniqueness of the businesses were wonderful, the people were so kind and friendly, and the amount of attention my dog Coco got from strangers on the street felt like the Universe communicating to me that this was meant to be RUFF's new home. Something simply clicked and I just knew RUFF would be an amazing fit for this town!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.

I have been vegan since I was 7 years old. I stopped eating meat the moment I made the connection of what meat was before it became "food". This love and compassion to all living things is part of what makes me good at what I do now. People trust me with their dogs :) I also am a teacher who has left their teaching career to pursue my passion for dog grooming. Opening RUFF has been a dream come true for me.


RUFF THE DOG BARBERSHOP is located at 336 Church St. For more contact information, please visit their website at

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Unknown member
Jul 16, 2021

Great news!! We have a very sweet (+ strong-willed!!) mini dachshund that would love a calming environment :)

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