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Sixteen Mile Creek Bridge Paves Way for an Exciting Downtown Revitalization

The exceptional work and organization of the Town of Oakville has led to the achievement of the first of many goals in sight over the coming years.

As many may know, Downtown Oakville has begun the process of revitalizing the core of its infrastructure. The first project was the rebuilding of Sixteen Mile Creek Bridge. The bridge was built in 1832, seeing six rebuilds since then. The newest of the included reconstructions was completed in November 2017. It was once planned to be a dedicated portion of the city’s downtown revitalization, but through careful inspection and a dedication to safety, the reconstruction was pushed forward.

What has come from the early reconstruction of Sixteen Mile Creek Bridge, in addition to a new and safe bridge, is an exciting demonstration of the quality work that is to come for the remainder of the downtown core. Among two vehicular travel lanes and two bikes lanes, some key characteristics for the new bridge are wider pedestrian walkways, protected from traffic by barriers. The Bridge was reconstructed and streetscaped with similar materials planned for the upcoming downtown construction, giving perspective on what we as a community have to look forward to!

As the Sixteen Mile Creek Bridge construction came to an end, we were excited to have Mayor Rob Burton along with members of the council come out and take the first trip across the bridge at the opening ceremony. Mayor Rob Burton was excited to express the project was completed under the anticipated schedule and is expected to come in under budget. This marked the celebration on not only a new bridge, but the beginning of a new Downtown Oakville. We as a community have been given both safety, and reassurance of the substantial capabilities of the parties involved with the construction of our beloved Downtown Oakville.

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