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Sweet2th Café | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Do you enjoy the sweeter things in life? Belgian and novelty chocolates, truffles, gourmet fudge...just to name a few? Well Sweet2th, Downtown Oakville's newest all-things-yummy café, is the place to be if you want to feel like you've walked into sweet-treat heaven! It is the place that your sweet tooth dreams about, with flavours that dance and play no matter your age. So be sure to stop by during their Grand Opening, October 22-24, to check out their incredible assortment of candies, chocolate, crepes and waffles, ice cream and gelato, and much more! Sweet2th Café is located at 300 Lakeshore Road East and is open 7 days a week.

About Sweet2th Café

At Sweet2th we offer Belgian chocolate, truffles and an incredible assortment of candies. Our gourmet fudge and create-your-own-flavour cones will make your mouth water. And don't despair if you have a sugar-restricted diet - we have a selection of no-sugar added chocolates, hard candies and novelties (including low-cal Easter Bunnies!) too. We know Life is a balancing act of flavours and sensations and we are here when it is time for you to enjoy the Sweeter Things In Life. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

How and why did you decide to pursue your business?

Life is sweet and we want to let people be able to enjoy the sweeter things in life! We work with local artisans and bakers to offer an outlet for their creative spin and our line of products are ever-expanding and we look forward to seeing what we offer, and can offer, our customers.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

At Sweet 2th we love what we do; from sourcing ingredients, coming up with creative packaging and we especially love the personal touches like sprinkles in our made-to-order waffles and crepes and our connected treats like our Sweet2th in a Box (you can send yummy personal gifts and messages to stay connected with your friends family). Our team has a play as we go out of our way to make your day commitment. We are passionate about having a connection and experience for everyone. We enjoy seeing your sweet tooth having so many delicious things to taste and explore.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

Downtown Oakville has a clean community feel. Many amazing stores that people stroll around and check out. We are looking to be apart of what others LOVE about coming to downtown Oakville.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.

We are a family run business and have been growing for years. Sweet2th is not our first endeavour and it won't be our last. Not only do we have immediate family involved, many of our staff have close relations and a long history with each other. We feel it is what has allowed us to stay strong and resilient through out the years.


Sweet2th Café is located at 300 Lakeshore Rd East. For more contact information, please visit their website or Instagram.

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