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The insurance Dr is in!

If you’re a little late in setting your New Year’s resolution, it’s not too late. February is a great time to create new goals, start financial plans, and consider future endeavours.

Let me formally introduce myself – my name is Eric Gruscyk, owner and operator of Desjardins Insurance. My staff affectionately refer to me, as the insurance Dr because, at times, they come to me to assist with an issue or a client has a problem that needs fixing. Recently, I hosted a client meeting where a client asked for advice on ensuring they were adequately insured and saving money. I thought I’d share some of these from that meeting with our readers in downtown Oakville.

  1. Ensure to review your insurance account annually; this is especially important to have checked with your insurance advisor. Reviewing it yourself may need clarification if you are not entirely comfortable with coverages or policy wording. Having a professional such as your agent or broker review to answer questions or explain terminology will assist in fully understanding your coverages, deductibles, limits, and endorsements.

  2. Ensure to review drivers on your auto policy and have everyone accounted for. Even if you have a G1 or G2 licensed driver, it is essential to list all operators.

  3. Home renovations, vacancies, and extended holidays should be reported to your insurer.

  4. Water Damage coverage is essential depending on where you live. Not all insurers have the same coverage either, so when you review your paperwork, review for coverages such as overland flooding, foundation seepage, and sewer backup coverage (especially in southeast and southwest Oakville).

  5. Saving money on insurance shouldn’t be the only barometer of success when purchasing a policy. Look at the reputation of the insurer, the claims experience, the customer service component, the locality of the business, and most importantly, the coverage. Having a less expensive policy that doesn’t protect you and your family is most likely not the best value. Having quality coverage with a reputable provider, all while providing peace of mind, is the true value.

Of course, you can always reach out to my team and me anytime, 24/7, at our agency on Randall Street for a personalized quote, question, or even a cup of coffee. After all, it is a new year with new goals and priorities, and for me, one of my goals is to meet more people in the community, members of the BIA, and of course, neighbours!

Have a happy and successful 2023!

Guest Author: Eric Guscyk

Eric Gruscyk, is the owner and operator of Desjardins Insurance at 268 Randall St. They are a full-service insurance and financial firm available to assist you, your family, and your business with protecting what matters most to you.


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