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Union Gas – Street Closure Information

As the Lakeshore Road Revitalization construction project approaches, Union Gas will be beginning their work on the blocks (Navy St. – Dunn St.) that are included in Phase one of this project.

Starting on March 12, 2019 the block of Lakeshore between Navy and Thomas Street will be closed to vehicle traffic. Once the work on that block is complete they will move to Thomas St. – George St., and then once that block complete, to George St. – Dunn St., reopening the blocks as they are complete.

Once Union Gas is complete their work the construction company will begin the project, closing all three blocks from Navy to Dunn to vehicle traffic for the duration of the project.

Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Please see the communication below from the Town.

Contacts for this project:

Downtown Oakville BIA – 

Town of Oakville – Mary Vallee 

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