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Welcome to Downtown Oakville's Newest Sweet Spot...Chocolate and Love!

Elevate your chocolate experience with the grand opening of Chocolate and Love at 96 Dunn Street in Downtown Oakville! This organic chocolate boutique celebrates exquisite flavours, craftsmanship and the joy of sweet encounters. With a focus on More Cacao – Less Sugar, they craft high-quality, ethically-made chocolate using the finest ingredients. Join Anchal and her team on a journey of sweetness and sophistication and enter a world where every bite tells a tale of passion and dedication. Let the sweet adventure begin!

About Chocolate and Love

As an award-winning Swiss organic and fair trade chocolate manufacturer, we're stepping into the retail segment with our first gifting boutique in Ontario, Canada - right here in Downtown Oakville. Sourcing some of the World's finest organic ingredients and producing in Switzerland, this award-winning dark chocolate brand is so tasty and full of flavours, you'll love it!

How and why did your decide to pursue your business?

I am a self-driven, passionate entrepreneur who wants to do something new for the Chocolate and Love brand, specifically in the Oakville community, by creating a new corporate gifting culture in Canada.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

The connection we make directly with people. For us, customers aren't just clients; they're friends who become family. We're all about connecting people with organic delights, ensuring the purity of our products, and sharing in the joy, appreciation and chocolaty smiles that follow.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

It's the perfect blend of touristic charm and chic vibes that aligns seamlessly with our vision for the first shop in Canada. Our small gifting boutique is nestled in this vibrant community, where every corner has a story, and every part of the streetscape exudes a unique charm.

Contact and Connect

Visit Chocolate and Love at 96 Dunn Street, and immerse yourself in a world of chocolatey delights. For more information, check out our website.

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