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ZaZen Meditation and Self-Care Studio | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

It's time to relax, breathe and experience that Zen feeling in Downtown Oakville! ZaZen Meditation and Self-Care Studio officially opens the week of June 20th so be sure to stop in and check out this beautiful newly renovated space and serene atmosphere. The studio is located on the upper level at 251 Lakeshore Road East and with such a diverse offering of meditation and self-care sessions there is something for everyone to enjoy. Speak with the studio's founder, Monica, and her team of wellness experts to see how their services will help you decompress and feel rejuvenated.

About ZaZen Meditation and Self-Care Studio

ZaZen Meditation and Self-Care Studio is dedicated to holistic wellness, support and maintenance. The studio provides an exceptional experience by offering classes of meditation for mindfulness, stress reduction, self-compassion and somatic experience group classes. To prompt mental and emotional balance, ZaZen offers Ayurveda care consultation, Energy Healing Therapy, Natal Chart Readings, Events and workshops for emotional and mental health. All of our sessions are offered in a zen-inspired and organic environment that makes you feel connected to an oasis of serenity.

How and why did you decide to pursue your business?

It’s been my dream to open a space where meditation can be offered regularly; the same way we schedule spa, doctor or gym appointments. I want everyone to experience meditation as part of their daily routine, like fitness and mental care contribute positively to the well-being of the mind. The pandemic has shown us the importance of caring for oneself and paying attention to our mental health in a compassionate way. We are so exposed to technology and social media noise permanently, and meditation can offer us a healthy pause during the day. Meditation allows us to reset our minds, recharge our bodies, release tension and come back to our daily activities feeling more energized and present.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

I love to create an environment and space which allows people to connect with themselves and figure out what it is they need to feel good. I am passionate about meditation and healing. We all need some sort of healing - whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. Investing in ourselves is the best investment as we are the ultimate beneficiary. It brings us hope and makes us feel more empowered to take risks and come out of our cocoons to explore and seek out new possibilities.

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

I appreciate the sense of family on my Sunday morning walks. It’s safe and friendly and I love the historical feel of the town. The unique shops and international gastronomy has something for everyone. But what takes my breath away is watching the sunrise by the pier on a beautiful summer day; this is an alluring landmark in Downtown Oakville!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others

I’m a cyclist! It’s a great way for active meditation. I count down to the days of spring and summer so I cycle on long rides with my local ladies. Our group was organized informally out of necessity during the lockdown months. This helped us to find physical and inner strength to keep our connections going while facing adversity during the global pandemic.


ZaZen Meditation and Self-Care Studio is located at 251 Lakeshore Rd. E. For more information, please visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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