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Hexigent Consulting

269 Lakeshore Rd E.
Oakville, On L6J 1H9

(647) 689-2455 or 1-855-439-4368

Our team has you covered.

We’re different. We combine nearly two decades of experience in tech crime policing with a long history of enterprise security consulting. This gives us a unique perspective on the cybercrime and cybersecurity landscape and lets us deliver fast, focused digital forensic services and practical, effective guidance.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, and available Canada-wide and abroad, our team has the technical and investigative skills necessary to uncover the evidence. In fact, we are one of the only licensed private investigator agencies in Ontario focused on digital forensics. Our team members are licensed private investigators, and many hold Level II Canadian Security Clearance.

Our leadership is passionate about digital forensics.

Hexigent’s leaders are both digital forensic examiners, each with a different focus – one with a history of solving technology-based crimes for law enforcement, the other providing cybersecurity and digital investigation services to private and public sector clients.

They both saw a need for a streamlined digital forensic focused company to exist in the Canadian market; one who’s core principles focus on helping their clients effectively and efficiently, void of other distractions.

We are focused specifically on digital forensics.

Most of our people also have considerable experience in related disciplines that compliment digital forensics, however we don’t pretend to know how to do everything – we are happy to refer you to specialists in other areas for matters outside of our focus.


Call the business for hours of operation or visit our website.

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