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Lisgar Development

277 Lakeshore Rd. E (Suite 200)
Oakville, ON, Canada L6J 1H9

(905) 842-3691

Lisgar Commercial Real Estate was founded in 1956 by Martha Zenker. Lisgar emerged and flourished because of her painstaking attention to detail, high-quality products and relentless ambition. Today, Lisgar continues to distinguish itself by having dedicated and talented staff, our commitment to tenant service and producing unique and reliable environments.

To create professional working spaces, Lisgar collaborates with top-tier design firms and contractors. We enhance the feel and appearance of the building through continuous improvement and focused teamwork. We create efficient and clean office spaces.

Lisgar continuously invests in the properties for long-term sustainability. We were founded with strong family values in mind and we strive to maintain this dynamic moving forward by developing long-term relationships with our tenant’s.

Lisgar is a commercial real estate company exclusively in Mississauga and Oakville including our headquarters in the heart of downtown Oakville. We have superior locations to enhance the success of your business no matter what stage you are in.


Call the business for hours of operation or visit our website.

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