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Edge Lacrosse Inc.

Edge Lacrosse Inc.


75 Navy Street, Oakville


Call the store for hours of operation or visit our website.

Edge lacrosse stands for the intangible qualities that develop champions as well as excellent student athletes. Our Philosophy at Edge lacrosse is a team first concept. Furthermore, our values dictate that you must instil discipline and commitment on the field and in the classroom.

Edge stands for exceptional and outstanding standards represented by exceptional and outstanding student athletes. Therefore, there is a definite expectation that the uniform be worn with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Each player must be aware that they are an individual representation of all that Edge stands for.

Edge believes in Elite players with Elite attitudes. We look to develop elite players with a passion to lead. In bringing together a group of such exceptional athletes there is a creation of something very special very unique that we are proud to call Edge.

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