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345 Lakeshore Road E, Suite 207
Oakville, ON



Call for store hours of operation or visit our website.

Treespoon is a leather footwear and accessories manufacturer.  They are a house of brands that delivers a future full of possibilities, one that is filled with comfort and culture, purpose and passion, fashion and fulfillment. From a start up wanting to start a leather shoe or accessory brand to working with established brands, their private label services will give you access to their industry expertise for you to create a successful brand.  They have the expertise and resources to manufacture and supply a wide range of leather products for men, women and kids. Their product portfolio is diverse - from sandals, shoes, boots to accessories like wallets, bags, belts, purses, jackets.  They will work closely with your team to understand the nuances of your business and expectations. Their commitment is to align themselves to your goals and use their knowledge and expertise with attention to detail to deliver high quality products at a cost and time suitable to you.

Treespoon offers a wide full range of services, including: Design Development, Prototype ; Sampling, Production ; Quality Control and Packaging ; Delivery.

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