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Find your place in Downtown Oakville.

With an impressive 8 million visits every year*, Downtown Oakville boasts an undeniable allure and vast business potential. Located beside the waters of Lake Ontario, this shopping hub marries its deep-rooted heritage with contemporary charm. Spanning six blocks adjacent to the lake, visitors can explore a diverse range of renowned brands, charming boutiques, premier dining spots, and niche services. But Downtown Oakville is more than just a spot on the map; it's a pulsating community where residents and tourists are drawn to its eclectic blend of retail, gastronomy, entertainment, and culture.  It's no wonder why Oakville, was named Canada's Most Livable City*.

Following a 35M reconstruction project, Downtown Oakville has an experienced a remarkable surge in its business landscape, becoming a popular spot for expansion outside of Toronto.  Joining the likes of Anthropologie and Lululemon, in recent years Downtown has welcome renowned brands like Andrews, Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar, Oakberry, and Nadege Patisserie. This influx of diverse and established enterprise is a testament to the Downtown Oakville's growing reputation as a hotspot for commercial activity and expansion west of Toronto.

Flourishing Business Landscape


The heart of Oakville pulsates with life, drawing over half a million unique visitors in 2023 alone. The typical Downtown Oakville visitor is middle aged, with an average household income of $147,258. Nearly half of these households have children, and a significant majority boast a university education. The workforce participation rate is high, and cultural diversity is marked, suggesting a dynamic and educated population engaging with Downtown Oakville. 


A significant portion, 50% of these visitors, reside within a 25-minute drive, emphasizing the local appeal of Downtown Oakville, however, the area's magnetic pull extends further, drawing visitors from Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington, and Hamilton. Full Foot Traffic Details




Foot Traffic


Visitor Demographics

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Understanding the demographics of our visitors is crucial for the success of any business looking to establish or expand in Downtown Oakville.  We collaborate closely with Environics Analytics  leveraging advanced mobile movement data and their PRIZM insights to gain deep insights. Using a a diverse array of sources, including census data, retail transactions, and behavioural data, we are able paint a complete picture of our visitors. Dive in to our demographics to understand if Downtown Oakville is a fit for your business. Demographic Profiles

Who We Are | The Downtown Business Improvement Area


The Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a crucial non-profit that energizes our district with over 400 businesses. Beyond marketing and beautification, we host events and activations throughout the year keeping the area lively. There's a perpetual energy here, where something always happening to captivate residents and visitors alike.


We support every business, offering guidance and resources to newcomers and fostering community through socials and webinars. In Downtown Oakville each business finds more than just a location; they discover a community where they are valued, supported, and integral to the district's flourishing legacy. Meet the Team.

Town of Oakville | Economic Development

The Economic Development department of Oakville helps small businesses succeed by offering various support services and resources. They help businesses find important funding through Fundica's search tool, support outdoor sales by managing a seasonal patio program, and guide businesses through the town's process for getting licenses and permits. They also connect businesses with the Halton Region's Small Business Centre for mentoring, help with business planning, and chances to network. To find out more about their services, visit Invest Oakville.

Infastructure and Transportation


Downtown Oakville offers unparalleled access with excellent transport links, including close proximity to the QEW for easy driving, ample street and lot parking, EV charging for green travel, and the GO train for direct connections to the Greater Toronto Area.

Downtown Oakville is also a smart technology hub with 1,200 sensors for improved parking, digital information kiosks along Lakeshore Road, as well as free public Wi-Fi to enhance the visitor experience. 

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 9.57.33 AM.png

Investing in Downtown Oakville now means investing in the Town's thriving future. Mid-Town, a future-focused development of a 103-hectare area near Downtown Oakville, will be a vibrant, mixed-use urban community centred around the Oakville GO Station. This transformation will accommodate Oakville's expected population doubling by 2051, creating inclusive, connected living spaces for all ages and income levels. 


The future of Downtown Oakville's Cultural Hub is poised to be a nexus of creativity and heritage. As the Town evolves, this hub will merge Oakville's rich history with contemporary artistry. Serving as a communal space, it will offer diverse cultural experiences, from theatre to visual arts.

Stay up to date on the status of the cultural hub.

Future Development


Early artist rendering of the Oakville Performing Arts Centre

Commercial Listings


Downtown Oakville features a wide range of business spaces, from quaint boutiques to modern offices and large retail locations. Situated in the busy heart of Oakville, each property promises great visibility and high foot traffic. With the area's growth and its status as a business center, now is the ideal time to invest. Check out our commercial listings to find the ideal spot for your business in this flourishing community.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12.29.01 PM.png

Short Term Pop-ups & Sublets


Explore Pop-Up opportunities and short-term leases or sublets in Downtown Oakville to test the market before making a long-term commitment. Several property owners provide flexible short-term leasing options, perfect for businesses looking to dip their toes in the market without the pressure of a permanent lease. Additionally landlords and tenants often have sublets or store space that are ideal for seasonal shops, start-ups, or anyone looking to gauge customer interest. 

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We hope you'll join our diverse community of businesses and entrepreneurs, where opportunities are as broad as the lake is wide. From boutique stores to international brands, our area supports a wide range of ventures making Downtown Oakville the ideal place for your business.  Take your place among those who call Downtown Oakville home.

*According to Site Selector Magazine/*

**According to Environics Analytics, data collected through privacy-compliant mobile movement data from location-enabled mobile devices.

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