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Dive into Downtown Oakville, a true gem of the Greater Toronto Area.

With an impressive 7 million visits every year*, Downtown Oakville showcases its undeniable allure and vast business potential. Located beside the serene waters of Lake Ontario, this shopping hub marries its deep-rooted heritage with contemporary charm. Spanning six blocks adjacent to the lake, patrons can explore a diverse range of renowned brands, charming boutiques, premier dining spots, and niche services. But Downtown Oakville is more than just a spot on the map; it's a pulsating community where residents and tourists are drawn to its eclectic blend of retail, gastronomy, entertainment, and culture.

Visitor Profile


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Attracting Affluence and Diversity to Downtown Oakville

Did you know? A significant 47% of our Downtown Oakville visitors represent affluent families, primarily from the middle-aged to senior demographic. Most of these individuals are professionals in the white-collar sector, bringing a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds with them. Not far behind, 18.9% of our visitors belong to diverse middle-aged families, with many working in blue-collar professions and the service industry.

Curious about their spending habits, residence locations, or what resonates with them? Dive into our reports.

Download Environics Report of our top 3 Visitor Profiles

Downtown Oakville BIA

The Downtown Oakville BIA, a dedicated non-profit entity, serves as the lifeblood of a district that pulses with vibrancy, activity, and opportunity. Home to over 400 dynamic business members, our commitment spans beyond traditional roles. We spearhead both the marketing and beautification of the Downtown Oakville and ensure it remains a hub of activity through events ranging from large-scale festivities like Fall Fest and Hometown Holiday to more intimate activations. There's a perpetual energy here, with something always on the horizon to captivate residents and visitors alike.

But our role isn't confined to events and aesthetics. We stand as a robust pillar of support for every business, whether it's a seasoned establishment or a fresh entrepreneurial endeavor. New to Downtown Oakville? We'll be your compass, directing you to essential resources and ensuring a seamless start to your venture. As part of our commitment to fostering a tight-knit community, we host an array of member socials and webinars, promoting networking, shared learning, and collaboration.

With the Downtown Oakville BIA at the helm, every business finds more than just a location; they discover a community where they are valued, supported, and integral to the district's flourishing legacy. Meet the team.

Early artist rendering of the Oakville Performing Arts Centre

Infrastructure and Transportation

Downtown Oakville is perfectly poised for easy accessibility, boasting a range of exceptional transportation options. Just moments away from the QEW, driving into the heart of Oakville has never been more convenient. Once here, you'll find street parking complemented by strategically located parking lots. Environmentally-conscious visitors aren't left behind; our EV charging stations ensure electric vehicles are catered for, allowing guests to recharge while they explore. Moreover, for those venturing from afar or seeking connections to the Greater Toronto Area, the GO train offers seamless transit. And, with a robust local public transit system in place, moving around Downtown Oakville and its surrounding neighborhoods is a breeze.

The future of Downtown Oakville's Cultural Hub is poised to be a nexus of creativity and heritage. As the town evolves, this hub will merge Oakville's rich history with contemporary artistry. Serving as a communal space, it will offer diverse cultural experiences, from theater to visual arts. Seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, the hub will stand as both a tribute to our past and a gateway to future artistic endeavors.

Stay up to date on the status of the cultural hub.


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The Future of Downtown Oakville

Commercial Listings

Downtown Oakville presents a vibrant selection of commercial listings that cater to businesses of all scales and sectors. Whether you're looking for a charming boutique space, a modern office suite, or a spacious retail storefront, our current listings offer a plethora of opportunities. Each property is set amidst the bustling backdrop of Downtown Oakville, ensuring maximum visibility and footfall. Moreover, given the area's ongoing development and its reputation as a business hub, there's never been a better time to invest. View commercial listing opportunities and find the perfect space to position your business for success in this thriving community.

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Join the ranks of businesses and entrepreneurs that have found their perfect home in Downtown Oakville. From boutique stores to global brands, our streets tell tales of opportunities as expansive as the lake views.

*According to Environics Analytics, data collected through privacy-compliant mobile movement data from location-enabled mobile devices..

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