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Chocolate & Love

COMING SOON - Award Winning - Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

96 Dunn Street, Oakville ON

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Welcome to Chocolate and Love, where passion meets purpose in the world of exquisite, organic, and Fair-trade chocolate. Founded in 2010 by Richard and Birgitte O'Connor, who courageously departed their corporate roles as a chartered surveyor and lawyer to pursue a shared love for chocolate, our family-run business has since flourished into a globally cherished brand.

Our journey is one of decadence with a conscience, encapsulating the essence of flavors, unwavering quality, and indulgence, all while maintaining a deep commitment to the well-being of the environment and the individuals who cultivate our ingredients. Over the past decade, our chocolate bars have graced the shelves of 35 countries, spreading the joy of our award-winning creations far and wide.

At Chocolate and Love, we take pride in crafting chocolate bars that go beyond the ordinary. With a devotion to high cocoa content and minimal sugar, our 8 vegan flavors are a testament to our dedication to both taste and health. We believe in creating an experience that is not only visually and gastronomically pleasing but also socially responsible.

Our accolades speak volumes about the quality and craftsmanship behind each bar. The Chocolate and Love Team is honored to have received a total of 63 Great Taste Awards, with an additional 5 added to our collection in 2023. Recognition from the Academy of Chocolate further underscores the excellence of our dark chocolate Pomegranate, Coffee, and Milk Hazelnut flavors. In 2017, our smooth Panama was crowned the best food product by Danish health stores, and in 2020, our Sea Salt flavor claimed the same prestigious title, surpassing over 7,000 other food products.

Behind every award is a story of exceptional cacao, cultivated by farmers whose dedication is reflected in every bite of our chocolate. Join us on a journey of flavor, quality, and conscious indulgence, where Chocolate and Love are seamlessly entwined in every delectable creation.

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