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Demographic Profile of Downtown Oakville Visitors

Demographics Overview

  • Median Age: The median maintainer age is 47, slightly lower than the benchmark, indicating a mature visitor base.

  • Household Size: A diverse range of household sizes, with a significant portion of 2-person households (28.3%).

  • Marital and Family Status: A high percentage of visitors are married or in common-law relationships (58.3%), and a substantial number have children at home (51.8%).

  • Income and Housing: The average household income is $147,258, with a majority owning their homes (64.8%). A significant segment of housing is relatively new, with 17.6% being 3-7 years old.

  • Education and Employment: High levels of university education (43.6%) and labor force participation (70.5%), indicating a well-educated and economically active visitor profile.


  • Visitors show a considerable expenditure on shelter, transportation, and food, with average annual expenditures reflecting a well-off demographic willing to spend on quality living, recreation, and health care.

Behavioural Patterns

  • Media Consumption: High internet usage (94.2% of visitors) with an average daily use of 353 minutes. Radio also play significant roles in media consumption.

  • Leisure Activities: A keen interest in sports and leisure activities, both as spectators and participants, with specific interests in billiards/pool, bowling, golfing, and fitness-related activities.

Social Values

  • The strongest values among visitors include a desire for ostentatious consumption, the need for status recognition, and a pursuit of novelty. In contrast, weaker values are associated with an attraction to nature, fulfillment through work, and an aversion to complexity.


  • Demographics: Downtown Oakville appeals to a mature, educated, and financially secure demographic, likely attracted by the area's high-quality amenities, cultural offerings, and recreational activities.

  • Spending Habits: High disposable incomes lead to significant spending on housing, transport, and food, suggesting that businesses in these sectors could find a responsive market.

  • Media and Leisure: The high engagement with internet and traditional media presents opportunities for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns, especially those leveraging digital platforms.

  • Social Values: The strong social values around consumption, status, and novelty suggest that luxury, unique, and high-status products and services could resonate well with this audience.


Top 3 Audience Segments

The PRIZM® profile of visitors to Downtown Oakville in 2023 highlights three distinct lifestyle segments that play a significant role in the visitor demographic: 

First-Class Families

This segment represents families that prioritize quality in every aspect of their lives, from housing and education to leisure activities. The presence of First-Class Families as a significant portion of the visitor base suggests that Downtown Oakville offers amenities, services, and experiences that cater to high standards and family-oriented activities. These families are likely drawn to the area for its upscale shopping, family-friendly events, and quality recreational facilities. PROFILE

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Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 12.04.54 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 12.05.58 PM.png

Wealthy & Wise 

This segment comprises affluent individuals who are experienced and discerning consumers. They are attracted to Downtown Oakville for its sophisticated offerings, including high-end retail, fine dining, and premium services. The Wealthy & Wise visitors are likely interested in the unique, quality experiences that Downtown Oakville provides, from art galleries and cultural events to luxury accommodations and waterfront activities.  PROFILE



As the largest visitor segment, Multiculture-ish reflects a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape in Downtown Oakville. This group is characterized by its diversity, with individuals from various ethnic backgrounds coming together, enriching the area with a mix of cultural experiences. Their presence underscores Downtown Oakville's appeal as a welcoming and inclusive destination, offering a variety of culinary, cultural, and community events that celebrate multiculturalism. PROFILE

In summary, audience demographics paints a picture of an audience that is mature, affluent, and engaged in a variety of media and leisure activities. Marketing strategies that appeal to their desire for quality, status, and novelty, and leverage their high internet engagement, are likely to be effective.

For further information and a full profile of each segment summary contact the Downtown Oakville BIA.

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