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State & Liberty

181 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Ontario, L6J1H5

(647) 524-9893


Call for store hours of operation or visit our website.




State and Liberty was founded to provide those with an athletic build better fitting, better feeling, professional looking dress clothes. Off-the-rack dress shirts are made for the masses... “Slim Fit” dress shirts are way too tight for the athletic upper body. “Standard Fit” shirts are too boxy around the waist. We spent years researching hundreds of athletic body types to develop the perfect Athletic Fit Dress Shirt.

By providing more room in the upper body with an extremely tailored waist, our dress shirts cater to those with a v-shape body type. Darts in the back of the dress shirt pull in the excess fabric creating a fit that rewards those men that take care of their bodies. The days of ripping through your elbows and back seam are over. Our shirts have a ridiculous amount of stretch allowing you to wear a nice tailored fit without sacrificing comfort.

CRAFTED FROM PERFORMANCE FABRIC - Our dress shirts are moisture-wicking and extremely lightweight. We stole all the properties of your favourite workout shirt and created a professional looking dress shirt. Our innovated hidden button keeps your collars standing tall and crisp when you're not wearing a tie. Easily unfasten the button and you have a standard semi-spread collar that looks great with a tie. Wrinkle free and machine washable. Throw out your iron and break up with your dry cleaner - With the average male spending over $500 on dry cleaning a year, you officially have more time and money.

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