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Avenue Design Inc: A Stellar Achievement in Home Design

In the constantly shifting landscape of interior design, standing out requires a distinctive mix of creativity, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Big congratulations to Eva and her team at Avenue Design Inc for securing a well-deserved spot among the Inaugural Top 100 Canadian Designers captivating us today, by House & Home!

Avenue Design stands out as a renowned, award-winning full-service interior design firm celebrated for crafting luxurious, intricately layered, and irresistibly comfortable living spaces. This dynamic team of women consolidates all the essential elements necessary for a successful design and build project, ensuring it not only stays on track but also guarantees an exciting journey.

Going beyond the creation of visually stunning environments, Avenue Design specializes in curating an immersive experience where every detail is meticulously anticipated and every concept seamlessly brought to life. Their comprehensive turnkey approach means they accompany you from the initial spark of imagination to the thrilling final reveal. This is where their limitless creativity harmonizes with a meticulous process, ensuring your dream home unfolds with both foresight and finesse.

What sets Avenue Design apart is their ability to turn visions into reality, crafting living spaces that not only reflect individual personalities but also elevate the overall aesthetic appeal.  Their diverse portfolio serves as a striking testament to their versatility, ranging from contemporary chic to timeless elegance. Each project unfolds as a distinct narrative of collaboration and creativity.

The acknowledgment of Avenue Design by House & Home among the Top 100 Canadian Designers is a well-deserved accolade, underscoring their profound influence on shaping the visual tapestry of our homes. This recognition is not just a celebration of a design firm's achievements but also a tribute to the myriad homes they've turned into personal sanctuaries.

Congratulations to Avenue Design on this remarkable achievement, and here's to many more years of setting the bar high in the world of home design!


Avenue Design Inc is located at 145 Lakeshore Road East. For more information, please visit their website.

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Thank you so much for the feature! Thrilled with this honour :)

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