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BIA Member Respectful Conduct Policy

Attached, for reference, is the BIA Member Respectful Conduct Policy.

The conduct of the BIA Board is governed by “Code of Conduct for local boards and advisory committees” and the applicable governing legislation including the Ontario Human Rights Code, The Municipal Act, and the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Consistent with our responsibilities and accountability to our staff and members, the goal of the BIA Member Respectful Conduct is to support a positive, respectful, safe, considerate and productive work environment for all.

This policy establishes a procedure that describes how the Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area (the BIA) will manage unacceptable conduct and behaviour exhibited by its business members, whether directed towards the BIA Board of Directors, its staff, a volunteer, or another business member.

BIA Member Respectful Conduct Policy
Download PDF • 670KB

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