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Campaign Results for our Virtual Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway!

Thank you for supporting local in Downtown Oakville!

2020 was an extremely tough year for us all. It affected our health, our community and all of the businesses that make up Oakville. But despite the adversities put before us, our community persevered and made sure that despite everything, the Christmas cheer could not be taken from our town.

For the holiday season, Oakville Downtown partnered with TELUS Small Business and DMX Marketing to help reconnect Oakville with all the wonderful local businesses that make up our town. The pandemic has sadly left many local and small businesses across Canada struggling to keep going, due to being cut off from customers. Here in Oakville is no different and combined with the redevelopment of Lakeshore Road, it has been very tough on stores in the town.

This is the reason the campaign was started, to help businesses recover and bring the festive season spirit back to our towns stores. We created an online gift guide helping you look for your favourites as well as some great Holiday gift ideas. Each page was designed to connect to each businesses personal website or contact details, linking you instantly with the stores we have become separated from due to the effects of the pandemic. As part of the campaign, TELUS Small Business also sponsored (3) $500 gift cards that could be used at any of the Oakville businesses in downtown, providing all the more reasons why to get shopping in Oakville.

The call was made to support your local businesses, to support Oakville. And you responded loudly and proudly! The turnout to the campaign, the gift guide and stores across the town was fantastic and helped businesses immensely, especially after the prior months. The campaign reached thousands of you on social media and elsewhere, with each like and share helping immensely, as posts about the gift guide and supporting the town reached a combined total of 2,793,713 impressions online. In total, over 13,000 of you clicked to find out more about the gift guide.

Many of you joined and interacted from Facebook and Instagram, with 2,165 of you heading to the gift guide from Facebook alone, with a further 11,000 from the Google campaign. We saw a wide turnout in ages engaging in the campaign, with those between 25 and 34 just taking first place from the others. When it came to who signed up more between women and men, it was a different story however, as the ladies made up 78% of those signing up from Facebook and Instagram. Regardless of age or gender though, every single interaction and sign up was fantastic, each of you proving the strength of our community spirit.

The response of all of you was fantastic and made the campaign an amazing success. The campaign saw thousands of sign-ups for the gift card contest, with many of you taking the opportunity to use the brand new links to shop the gift guide online with your favourite local stores, browsing and buying without ever having to leave the house. Three winners were selected, and each were contacted by email about their success, congratulations to each of them!

Many of you also took the opportunity to shop in person and bring back the cheer to Oakville’s downtown. With safety measures in place and plenty of social distancing being rigorously observed by all of you, both online and physical sales helped the businesses of Oakville get back on their feet after so many difficult months, making sure 2020 ended on a higher note.

We want to say thank you to TELUS Small Business, DMX Marketing and all of you who took part, who signed up, who shopped with the Holiday gift guide and who supported your local Oakville businesses. Each and every bit helped, providing stores with a chance to rebound after everything they have endured. It was fantastic to see Lakeshore Road buzzing with activity once again and whether it was online or in the stores, your support helped boost local businesses in Oakville and show the fantastic spirit our community has!

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