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Celebrating 20 Years of Elegance: Inside Story Lingerie & Swimwear

Congratulations to Lida Lisney, the creative force and heart behind Inside Story Lingerie & Swimwear, for an incredible 20 years in business! Inside Story is no ordinary boutique; it's a curated collection of intimate apparel blending sophistication with comfort, offering an elevated shopping experience for those seeking something more.

Lida's journey began two decades ago, driven by a passion for crafting intimate apparel experiences and being inclusive—for every BODY to be comfortable in her store. From its modest origins with fitting rooms and hangers, Inside Story has evolved into an exquisitely adorned boutique—an embodiment not only of Lida's business prowess but also her profound connection to the community. It's a sanctuary for those desiring more than lingerie; it's an immersive experience intertwining comfort, style, and a touch of luxury.

Before becoming a prominent figure in the lingerie industry, Lida spent 14 years as a flight attendant. The experiences from her aviation days undoubtedly contributed to her exceptional customer service skills, setting Inside Story apart in Downtown Oakville. Lida's journey reflects a fusion of diverse experiences, each shaping her passion for helping women find the right fit and feel amazing in their own skin.

Today, Inside Story Lingerie stands as a testament to Lida's dedication to excellence, evident in its unique and personalized atmosphere. For Lida, community isn't just a word—it's the lifeblood of her business. She treasures the connections fostered at Inside Story, envisioning her store as a haven where people gather to celebrate womanhood and the art of feeling beautiful.

As we raise our glasses in celebration of this significant milestone, let's come together in applause for Lida's 20 years of enriching the lives and confidence of our community through Inside Story Lingerie & Swimwear! Here's to many more years of success and to each day being adorned with new stories. Cheers to a future as bright and exciting as the lingerie she curates!


Inside Story Lingerie and Swim is located at 334 Church Street, Oakville. For more information, please visit their website or Instagram.

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