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Get Ready for GLODTO

As the winter days linger on, Downtown Oakville is gearing up to infuse the final chilly days with warmth, colour, and light. This March, we are ecstatic to announce the return of our GLODTO event, running from March 2nd through the 24th.

"Roseaux" features towering reeds that light up and change colours when they detect movement, making everyone a part of the art. Designed by the innovative team at 1ToMn, this installation brings a futuristic twist to the natural sway of cattails. It's an experience that combines the beauty of nature with the thrill of technology.

GLODTO isn't just about Roseaux, it boasts a lineup of activities designed to brighten up the winter season. Highlights include a Silent Disco night featuring the hits of Taylor Swift on March 9th, and cozy fire pit gatherings with free hot cocoa on select weekends.

We invite everyone to join in the fun, explore the interactive "Roseaux" installation, and the variety of events planned. It's a perfect opportunity to experience art, music, and community right in the heart of Downtown Oakville.

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Tour production by Creos

Creos is a leader in the creation, production, and touring of interactive public installations. By connecting emerging artists with communities, Creos transforms public spaces into captivating experiences of art and engagement. "Roseaux" is a testament to this mission, created by 1ToMn in collaboration with UDO Design and Serge Maheu, and co-produced by Init and 1ToMn, with tour production by Creos.

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