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Ideas for International Women's Day

Creating a pop-up event for International Women's Day that includes boutiques, retail, beauty services, business services, and restaurants can offer a vibrant and engaging experience for the community while honouring the achievements and contributions of women. You're event can be as simple as a Sip & Shop or Limited Time offer, however here are several ideas to consider if your stuck for ideas:

1. Women's Market Day

  • Description: Organize a special market day featuring women-owned businesses, artisans, and creators. This can include pop-up stalls for boutiques and retail stores, beauty service demonstrations, and food stalls from local women-led restaurants.

  • Activities: Live beauty tutorials, fashion shows, artisan craft workshops, and cooking demonstrations.

2. Women in Business Showcase

  • Description: Highlight local women entrepreneurs and business leaders through a series of talks, workshops, and networking events. Businesses can host panels or speaker sessions on topics relevant to their industry, entrepreneurship, leadership, and women's empowerment.

  • Activities: Panel discussions, mentorship sessions, and networking mixers.

3. Collaborative Promotions

  • Description: Businesses can collaborate to offer special promotions, discounts, or packages that celebrate International Women's Day. For example, restaurants could offer special menus or dishes created by women chefs, while boutiques and beauty services could offer discounts or special packages.

  • Activities: Themed promotions, exclusive deals, and collaborative packages.

4. Interactive Workshops

  • Description: Host interactive workshops that cater to the diverse interests of the community, from beauty and wellness to arts and entrepreneurship. These could be led by local experts or business owners, offering a platform to share their skills and stories.

  • Activities: Makeup and skincare workshops, DIY craft sessions, business startup workshops.

5. Cultural and Artistic Performances

  • Description: Celebrate the day with performances that highlight women's contributions to arts and culture. This could include live music, dance performances, poetry readings, and art exhibitions, ideally featuring local women artists and performers.

  • Activities: Live concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions.

6. Charity Partnership

  • Description: Partner with a local charity that supports women's causes, offering a portion of the day's proceeds to the charity. This not only raises awareness but also supports a good cause, creating a strong community impact.

  • Activities: Fundraising drives, information booths about the charity, and speeches from charity representatives.

7. Interactive Experiences

  • Description: Create immersive and interactive experiences that engage visitors. This could include a beauty bar where guests can try out products or services, a fashion pop-up with the latest trends, or a tech zone showcasing women-led startups in the business services sector.

  • Activities: Beauty

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