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The Mochi Girls | Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Craving a sweet treat? Check out Downtown Oakville's new donut experts, The Mochi Girls! They have exactly what you need to feed that sweet tooth. With their donuts' unique chewy texture and fun selection of flavours, The Mochi Girls will keep you coming back for more. Made from a special kind of rice, many of these tasty options are also gluten free and nut free. During your next visit Downtown welcome Michelle and Lisa in their exciting new location at 335 Lakeshore Road East!

About The Mochi Girls

The Mochi Girls use their experience as successful business owners and interest in all-things food to offer exciting new donuts to Downtown Oakville. Their shop, decked out in pink, reflects the passion this team has for providing customers with an amazing experience.

How and why did you decide to pursue your business?

The Mochi Girls want everyone to know how delicious a mochi donut is! With a lack of availability in Oakville, Michelle and Lisa thought it would be great to introduce these lovely sweets to the Downtown area.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

The Mochi Girls team uses creativity to develop a variety of offerings, including new flavours like Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Thai Iced Tea, and more. While these adventurous flavours may change from month to month, the freshness and quality of these donuts always remains the same!

What do you LOVE about Downtown Oakville?

How close the community is! The charm of Downtown Oakville, as well as its friendly residents, makes The Mochi Girls excited to have their shop here.


The Mochi Girls is located at 335 Lakeshore Rd E. For more information,

please visit their Instagram.

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