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Word on the Street in Downtown Oakville!

Our member and community feedback is very valuable to us, which is why we always love to hear from you! As you know, every month we now share some of the positive sentiments received from our members and the community alike. We'd also like to encourage that our members share with us their best practices and/or customer experiences...“the best part of your day” moments, so we can include them too.

I want to thank the downtown community and the BIA for their support over 26 years on Reynolds St. Although I regret I won't be part of the downtown moving forward I do think Oakville is going to thrive in coming months and years. All my best to all the businesses working hard through the pandemic and new ones starting up. The light is on at the end of the tunnel.

- Brett, Bean There Cafe

Town of Oakville, you nailed it! Thank you for matching up with my planters!

- Lida, Inside Story Lingerie and Swim

Thank you for posting our job opportunity; it is great to e-meet you! I am always looking for collaboration ideas with local businesses. We recently ran cross overs with Kit and Ace for Father’s Day and Lemonwood for Mother’s Day, so if any local businesses want to team up for events or cross promos we are definitely interested! Thanks!

- Zack, Nova Health Club

Thanks for these communications and for all the exposure on the “Get to Know Local” campaign. Really appreciate it.

- Nancy, ACE Coworking

Thanks for the check-in. Very excited to get things rolling this Friday for our downtown restaurants and retailers - we need a boost!

- Kevin, COBS

Thanks for following up. I’m so happy to hear the region and Town are both trying to help solve these issues, and supporting the BIA to this extent!

- Fotini, Property Owner

It was so lovely to meet you ladies on Wednesday, and I’m glad you liked your Oakville Journal! Thank you so much for looking into the Halton region information! It will really help us for sure 😊

- Meenia, Maker’s Mojo

The streetscape looks great. Flowers look gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous! Everything is so inviting. I’d love to participate in any upcoming BIA initiatives; I want to be part of it all! I grew up in the area and actually drove my 95 year old father through the Downtown the other day to reminisce. He expressed how much things have changed over the years and was very impressed at how incredible everything looks now. I’m so proud and happy to be part of this wonderful business community.

- Margot, Lemonwood

Thanks so much, and glad to hear about the Help Us Keep the Downtown Beautiful signage campaign, definitely a good idea!

- Fotini, Property Manager

So sorry I missed your visit today; the girls were super excited!! The new swag is super. Xo. Loving the new logo. Y’all have done so much to really pull this town together. It’s noticeable to everyone and appreciated.

- Onita, Nyla’s Room

Thanks so much for the patio set-up information. Appreciate it!

- Parminder, Coriander Green

I was able to take a stroll through DT Oakville on the weekend. The patio set ups are wonderful, I noticed there is even additional space in the town square. It was delightful to see everyone out and about enjoying themselves safely. I was happy to see the businesses back in motion. I have to commend you and your team, you continue to do an excellent job! I am pleased that we have Piano Piano moving into the old Johnathan’s space and Verace Restaurant taking the vacant spot that Riccarda’s and Julia Hanna once occupied. That will be another great patio to enjoy! The core is attracting great names, businesses to keep residents from travelling elsewhere to eat, shop, play. This is wonderful for the town and the region. Have an excellent day!

- Mike, Oakville resident

We aren’t bringing Toronto to Downtown Oakville…we love Oakville and are so happy to be part of the Downtown community!

- Cameron, Piano Piano

Thanks for looking in to this. Great news about the finials, they are beautiful! I guess I will have to be patient and wait for the clock, but I am happy to know there is a plan in place. We had a very busy re-opening, it was so great to see the street busy again. The weather really cooperated! Thanks again.

- Brenda, Barrington’s

Your Ambassador was very pleasant, it was so nice to deal with him. I appreciate him passing along my contact details and I’m impressed how quickly you responded. We’ll be filming our new kid’s show, Overlord and The Underwoods, on June 25th in the Downtown. Brings back memories of the Lindsay Lohan filming we did there many years ago. Love the vibe - it’s changed over the years, and looks absolutely incredible now! It’s so amazing to see how many people are out and about enjoying the new Downtown.

- David, Film Production Crew

Thanks so much for looking into this so quickly. I’ll go through the permit forms and process. This will help sales I’m sure and we’ll make it look great outside our store front 😃.

- Josee, Seek

I met our fabulous friend, Young, owner of Moon’s Flowers, the first week we moved here and have just been blown away by her creative genius and floral genius - it's been amazing watching her humbly celebrate life with special occasion bouquets, Oakville's front of house planters and huge weddings from Spencer's to filling Casa Loma's gardens so of course today we went driving by to drop off some gelato and saw that the new location, which is like three times the size (it feels to me like it's 10 times bigger). I know you’ll absolutely want to stop by and see it!

- Onita, Nyla’s Room

Things were great for our grand opening week! We’re loving meeting everyone from the Downtown. We also have so many people stopping in to check us out because someone they know has told them about us! We also appreciate your call-out on social.

- Michelle, Leguano Shoes

Thanks so much - great tips! We will keep our eyes on the job board...Thanks for keeping downtown Oakville running so smoothly...

- Chris and Rebecca, Oakville residents

This all sounds so wonderful. Thank you for including us in the upcoming “welcome to the neighborhood” blog! We are just beyond thrilled to be a part of this amazing DT community and are excited to bring our barbershop services to all of the beautiful #DTOakville pups! Thanks again!

- Jeanine & Rose, The RUFF Team

Something colourful to brighten up this stormy afternoon! Downtown Oakville has an awesome new 3D sign to spice up your Instagram feed (and ours)! Remember to snap a shot the next time you’re strolling down Lakeshore!

- (Instagram) Sutton Quantum

I can’t wait to see old friends, share a meal, stroll the strip and enjoy downtown Oakville again. We’re coming back and we have money to spend!!

- Nelson, Oakville resident

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