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Astlett Rubber Inc.

277 Lakeshore Rd. E. Suite #205
Oakville, ON, Canada L6J 1H9

(905) 842-2700

Astlett Rubber Inc. is a trader and distributor of raw materials to the rubber industry. We were founded by Harry Anderson Astlett in 1885 to import natural rubber from Manaus, Brazil harvested from wild rubber trees in the Amazon jungle.

We now acquire natural and synthetic rubber from producers worldwide and distribute to the rubber industry via our North American warehouses or ship directly to our customers worldwide.

Our decades worth of experience in the rubber industry have given us the best networks of producers and transportation providers to give our customers the highest quality products and most reliable service. Our long history is from making innovation our core strength and constant improvement being our focus.

We can add value to your company through knowledgeable advice and efficient purchasing. Call us for details.


Call the business for hours of operation or visit our website.

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