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Strongman Properties Inc.

156 Lakeshore Road East (Suite #200)
Oakville, On L6J 1H4

(905) 845-2000

Founded in 1912, we began as a family business manufacturing and selling paint and varnish. In 1955, our first store opened on College Street in Toronto under the name Tone-Craft Paint ; Varnish Co. Ltd.

Over the years, Tonecraft expanded nationally and took on a new marketing name known today as Color Your World. As Color Your World grew into a 150 store chain, Tonecraft expanded its real estate portfolio by building and managing the properties for Color Your World.

In 1984, Tonecraft sold the Color Your World paint and wallpaper operations and focused its attention on real estate development. Today, we are known as Strongman Properties Inc.

The Present and the Future
Strongman Properties continues to grow as a family-owned national real estate development company with properties in most provinces across Canada.

We are a hands-on developer and property manager with exceptional design-build capabilities, allowing for greater flexibility and dedication to our prospective tenants. We are also committed to achieving excellence in the property management aspect of our business. Each property is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the needs of our tenants are met and the quality of the property is maintained.


Call the business for hours of operation or visit our website.

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