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Who's coming to Downtown, and from where do they originate? What distance do they cover to get here?

What's their timing for visiting Downtown? What are the characteristics, attitudes, favourite stores, hobbies, and media consumption patterns of our key lifestyle segments?

To shape our marketing strategies with informed insights, we partner with Environics, a data and analytics firm, focusing on analyzing customer data. Our approach to understanding our audience begins with the analysis of anonymized mobile movement data, collected from smartphones with location services activated. This method allows us to delve deeper into who visits Downtown, their origins, travel distances, visiting timings, and the profiles of our key lifestyle segments, including their characteristics, preferences, hobbies, and media habits.

  • There were a total of 8,262,183 visits in 2023, with an average of 688,515 visits per month | 2024 Traffic Trends Monthly Traffic 2023

  • On average, each visitor made 16 visits to Downtown Oakville throughout the year.

  • The top areas from which visitors came were Oakville ON (27.6%), Mississauga ON (23.2%), Toronto ON (17.6%), Burlington ON (8.5%), and Hamilton ON (6.3%).

  • 50% of visitors live within a 20-minute drive and 30% of visitors live beyond a 29-minute drive.

Traffic Trends

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When do they visit? 

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  • Saturday is the busiest day of the week, capturing 18% of visits , followed by Sunday with a significant portion of visits at 16%.

  • Monday and Tuesday are the least busy days, with each accounting for 12% of weekly visits.

  • The time slot from 3PM PM to 6PM is the busiest part of the day, with 25% of all visits.

  • The next busiest is mid afternoon from 12 PM to 3 PM, with 22% of visits.

  • Evening hours from 6 PM to 9 PM are moderately busy, accounting for 20 % of visits.

Who are our visitors?

Family Portrait at the Park
  • The predominant age group of visitors' household maintainers is under 45.

  • Approximately 46.1% of visiting households have children.

  • A majority of visitors have achieved university-level education

  • The average household income of visitors is $147,258.

  • Cultural diversity among visitors is described as high, reflecting a varied visitor base.

The PRIZM® profile of visitors to Downtown Oakville in 2023 highlights three distinct lifestyle segments that play a significant role in the visitor demographic: First-Class Families, Multiculture-ish, and Wealthy & Wise. 

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