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2023 Unveiled: A Year of Remarkable Growth in Downtown Oakville Visits - Insights and Trends

As we charge into 2024 we reflect on the year past to understand our traffic trends. We are excited to share with you our year over year foot traffic growth.

This data is collected based on Envionics Mobile Analytics. Mobile movement data comes from location-enabled apps on devices, with user permission. This data includes an anonymous device ID, date, time, and location; in this case the location is within the Downtown Oakville BIA boundaries.

General Trend: Every month, with the exception of November in 2023 has seen an increase in counts compared to the same month in 2022. This indicates a positive trend for the year 2023.


Largest Increase: One of the most significant month-over-month growth between 2022 and 2023 is observed in March with an increase of 147,301, a notable spike which correlates directly to the installation of WIP- WAP (see saws in Towne Square). August was also notable, with an increase of 121,664, which correlates with the Los Trompos installation. December was our busiest month making up for the November shortfalls. While a traditionally busy month Downtown we believe the seasonal decor and events helped to drive traffic.


Smallest Increase: The smallest growth, still positive, is observed in May with an increase of 20,349. This presents an opportunity to activate or promote during April and May to drive growth in the Spring. Notable is weather does play a key role this time of year as it is unpredictable.

Decrease in November: The decline in visits in November 2023 compared to November 2022 is an area to investigate. We do know that retails trends showed a reluctance to spend and when we compared traffic of malls, outlet malls and shopping districts in Halton and the GTA we saw an average decrease in traffic of 18%. Our 4% is noticeably less drastic, and we also believe the temporary closure of Anthropologie, a Downtown anchor store was also responsible for a loss in foot traffic.

Consistent Growth: While the growth rates vary, there's a consistent upward trajectory in 2023 compared to 2022. Overall, our monthly traffic was 663,550 visits and in 2023 we hosted 7,962,596 visits. In summary, 2023 shows a positive growth trajectory compared to 2022 for Downtown Oakville.

For more insights on data traffic patterns and visitor details, please check the Research section in our member portal. Use the password "Lakeshore" for access.


These positive shifts can be attributed to our collective efforts. Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, or any initiatives you believe could drive even greater traffic and engagement.


Let's keep the momentum going and work towards an even brighter future for Downtown Oakville in 2024.

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