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3 reasons why transit is a great option for your employees.

Updated: May 2, 2023

# 1 Transit is Free for Students

Beginning today, Oakville Transit will offer free rides for youth 13-19 and seniors 65+. With parking being a challenge in the downtown area, free transit is a great option for staff. All you need is a valid PRESTO card and tap on when boarding the bus.

This is a permanent service offered by Oakville Transit and applies to all routes and services, seven days a week – conventional fixed routes, school special routes, care-A-van, Home-to-Hub and Ride On-Demand. So share with your staff and help ease issues with finding and paying for parking. For transit riders aged 20-64 standard Oakville Transit rates apply.

#2 Shared Ride Service is a cost saver

The Ride On-Demand Pilot is a great option for students working downtown to travel in a cost-effective manner. It is a shared-ride service that operates within a designated zone and has fully accessible transit vehicles. By booking a trip at least 15 minutes in advance, up to a maximum of two hours, and allowing ample travel time, employees can reach their destination on time. Don't forget that standard Oakville Transit fares apply, and drivers are not required to wait past the scheduled trip time. So, make sure to be ready two minutes in advance of the scheduled pick-up time.

#3 Real time bus tracking

Oakville Transit’s ITS offers real-time bus tracking through GPS technology. This feature is designed to make riding the bus more accessible and easier for everyone. With its on-demand bus arrival time and quick access to route maps, schedules, and alerts, it is a smart way to travel. And as a bonus, you don't need a data plan to track your bus with the "Track by Text" feature.

So next time staff consider the challenges of parking suggest the bus.

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